Akcie (Activity Committee)

Our study-association excels in throwing and having parties. But all this partiing needs an important degree of organization. The Akcie is charged with the assignment to organize the best and nicest parties and to ensure that these memorable nights proceed smoothly. Next to the notorious parties of the “Veetelers”, the Akcie organizes in collaboration with the other study associations of Wageningen, the well-known Integration Parties. Success is guaranteed with theme parties like “Just because it is possible”, “Oktoberfest” and “Moulin Rouge” ! Not only partying is important to the Akcie. Team spirit is a true value for this committee! Through games we want to encourage this feeling in our association. With this strategy we try to test and tempt the freshmen at the Freshmen’s Weekend. After this weekend our naïve freshmen are able to think like a true “Veeteler” and afterwards they can cope with every upcoming challenge in the land of the animal breeder. At our annual Bar Games Evening it all seems like a piece of cake. Though the ultimate test that we all want to survive and win comes at the day of the Farmer’s Games. Our committee holds its meetings every Mondaynight to arrange all this lovely parties and activities. From half past ten we are gathered around the meeting table. Evaluations of past activities, organizational matters and new ideas are thrown up constantly. But after this serious work, it is playtime! We make the creative sneaky part of our brain work during the game called “mexen”. We get more and more creative, the more bottles of fine distilled liquids run on empty.

The Akcie is there to support the social aspect of studying! Akcie-members and the other “Veetelers” are well aware of the fact that having a party is good for your development! As the “Veetelers always say: “Work hard, play harder, of this we are aware and together with the Akcie we dare!” Or: "Work hard, play harder, of this we are aware, and of this the Akcie takes care!" If you have ideas or suggestions for a party or If you want to join the Akcie in organising all this? Please let us know!!! Veetelers.akcie@wur.nl


Akcie “De Veetelers”

What else?

Angelique Heeman - Contact person
Florian Cerjak - Secretary
Kristel Mulder  - Treasurer
Peter-Melvin Fransen