Bestia Turba Ferina (BTF)

Sub-association for non-production animals

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Bestia Turba Ferina, a.k.a. BTF, is a sub-association of “De Veetelers”. We organize excursions, theme-evenings and activities, all focused on non-production animals. This is a pretty broad range of animals like the companion animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc.) but also zoo animals and other species which aren’t kept for production. This year were introduced our new logo!

Want to know more about what we do? Here are some examples of the activities of the last couple of years.

As an extension of the existing education at the WUR, we organize anatomy-evenings. We already looked at
• “The cat as a carnivore”
• “The rabbit as a herbivore”
• "The Swann'
• "The turtle as a reptile"
• "The American bullfrog’’
• "The lamb"
• "The Horse head''

A couple of weeks later (in most cases) there is a skull-sticking evening, on which you can stick the skull together.

A Binex (national excursion) or Buitex (international excursion) is organized in the 4th or 5th period of the academic year. in 2015, we organized a Buitex to Belgium and Germany. Last year we did not organize a Binex because of our Lustrum activities. This year we will go to Texel for a Binex and promised to be a great weekend with lots of activities.

Acadamic year 2016-2017

The academic year kicked off with the General Members meeting on Thursday 27 September 2016. At the end of the evening we invited Marlies de Bats to give a presentation. She works at Dutch Cell dogs, here shelter dogs were put by convicts to not only train the dogs but also to open the eyes of the convicts.

On Wednesday 12 October 2016, our first excursion took place with the theme wildlife. Early in the morning we visited national park ‘De Veluwe’. An experienced guide took us on a tour and we spotted wild boars and red deer. After a nice lunch and a quiz about wildlife we had off to our next excursion in Beesd, here we visited Owl park ‘De Paay’. Besides owls, a lot of other animal species were present. Some of the animals needed to be fed, which we were allowed to do. This was a nice ending of the day.

Thursday 7 November 2016, BTF had planned a reptile and amphibian excursion. We started with RAVON, where they told us a lot about the research done on amphibians and reptiles in the Netherlands. After the break, we went to Breda for a visit to reptile house ‘’De Aarde’’. After the introduction, we learned how to handle and fixate reptiles. The day ended with a feeding presentation of the reptiles. It was very nice!

Wednesday 1 February 2017, we organized an excursion only for freshmen excursion to Prins Petfoods, which is an animal feed factory. They produce different kinds of (special) food for dogs and cats. This food is 100% natural and without the use of laboratory animals. When we arrived at the factory, they gave a presentation about the history of animal nutrition, the company and everything they produce. In three groups, we received a tour through the factory to see the entire production process from raw material to package ready to be transported to the animal stores.

Monday 20th of February 2017, we started with the celebration of our 10 years anniversary! We started with a lecture of Simone Eckhardt, the founder of the Spots Foundation, an organisation which helps protecting big cats. She told about her foundation with so much passion and love, so it was the perfect beginning of our love-themed celebration. Next up was Hans Komen of the NVD (Dutch association of Zoo’s) gave an interesting lecture about the history of zoos and ended with a few fun facts about love by animals.

Wednesday 22th of February, a day excursion took place, this day consisted of three parts: a visit to the Taurus Foundation, a camel dairy farm and the Piggy-Wellranch. The Taurus Foundation, which tries to breed back to the primitive/ original cow. After an interesting presentation, we went to see the process in real life: a great landscape filled with cows which already look quite like the primitive cow. This organisation also produces their own meat of these cows to raise extra money for the foundation, we also had a sneak peek at this place. In Berlicum, we visited the camel farm where they gave an introduction presentation. After this we received bottles with milk to feed the little calves. The day ended at the Piggi-Wellranch, they breed pet-size pigs. We could walk freely through the farm and were touched by all the sweet little piglets.

Final, Thursday the 23th of February 2017, we had a great party, the lustrum-party. We organised it together with SGSC and had combined our themes to “Legendary Love”. Rainbow, our association cat, was promoted by handing out free ‘Rainbow’-shots to the first 100 guests and we decorated café LUCA with posters of Rainbow, balloons and slingers. Also, guests received several gadgets, such as heart-shaped glasses.

On Wednesday the 8th of March, we had our yearly dissection evening, which we organised together with BOA (The association of Biology). This year we had chosen for the head of a horse, so PFC could not be excluded from our evening! The evening was very enthusiastically visited. Jeff, Kas and Arie Terlouw were a huge to the organisation and also with leading the evening. Unfortunately, Arie Terlouw couldn’t be there the evening itself, due to sickness, but had played an important role previous to the evening. A lot of people took their skull home for cleaning.

We decided to forward our Binex to next year (2017), because this year was full of all lustra. Instead, we organised an one-day excursion and went to Beaphar, a pet food and drug manufacturer. It is especially known for its flea collars; however, it also makes shampoos and special diets for pets. They gave a few interesting presentations about the company and their products. Also learned a lot of ticks, they breed them their selves. After a very luxe lunch we had a tour through all their production buildings, which was very impressive. We could see all the processes and got a great explanation of everything.  They even promoted that they offer internships at their company.

The last excursion of the year took place on Wednesday the 17th of May 2017. This year we went to GaiaZoo in Limburg. We heard great stories about this zoo, so we decided to take a look ourselves. Everyone headed their own way to enjoy the red pandas, wolves, raccoons, gorillas, wild dogs and lots and lots of other animals. During lunchtime, we organised a quiz about the animals of GaiaZoo. Anne Hoogsta won this quiz! The day ended with a feeding presentation of the wild dogs.

On Monday the 21th of August 2017, we welcomed the new first year students on the AID study afternoon. We let them paint some gorgeous animals with their nose, and concluded the day with 25 new members of BTF!

We are looking back on a successful year with very nice excursions. We hope this year will be even better!
Are you interested or do you have some questions left? Want to join our association or do you have a nice suggestion for the website or excursions? Don’t hesitate and please contact us by sending an e-mail to!

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