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Sub-association for cattle breeding

Members: ±160

The Cattle Breeding Association (Rundvee Fokkerij Studieclub) is with approximately 160 members one of the biggest sub-associations of study association the ‘Veetelers’. The board is represented by five enthusiastic cow lovers with the goal to organize a variety of activities for our members. This means that on an annual basis about five day excursions are being organized. Additionally, we are introducing our members to the world of cattle judging. For foreign students we organize a special international cattle judging evening in English. The purpose of our excursions is to show the practical side of the dairy sector in the Netherlands and abroad. Every year we organize a 3-day excursion in the Netherlands where we visit one province in the Netherlands and have a busy program with excursions to farms and related companies in the dairy sector, and of course we visit a local pub! The rest of Europe will be explored as well during the annual 7-day excursion to another European country. These activities are open for foreign students and a translation will be arranged by the board and other Dutch students joining the activity. Additionally, we have a few discussion evenings and ‘RFS Academy’, the latter is an educational program, in which a connection between theory and practice is made. Unfortunately, these evenings are not yet available for foreign students.

In September the General Member meeting will take place. During this meeting the new board members will be introduced and the old will say goodbye. Additionally, an annual evaluation will be presented to our members and as a closure we will have a guest speaker.

In short, the RFS facilitates a diverse program with activities for all her members, no matter the breed you like!

Mooing greetings,

The RFS board,

Manon Dreessen - Contact person
Susan Dijkshoorn- Secretary
Jelmer Reinhart - Treasurer
Arnee Korevaar
Laura Priems

foto van Rundvee Fokkerij Studieclub.