The meeloopdagcie of Study Association “De Veetelers” organizes each year five walk along days for high school students who are thinking about studying Animal Sciences. The days are designed to give you a good impression of the life of a student of Animal Sciences. So you follow lectures, practicals.

The walk along day of Animal Sciences is a so-called collective 'Meeloopdag'. This means that you follow a introductory lecture by the meeloopdagcie and a lecture about one topic that is part of animal sciences. After that there is a lunch where you can talk with students of animal sciences. In the afternoon you participate with a smaller group in a practical. There is also a possibility to walk along individually with an Animal Sciences student throughout the year. Through the following website you can sign up for this:

During a walk along day, we try to give a good impression of the study, by addressing subjects that are up to date and going a little bit deeper into the matter in the lectures.
Each year there are lots of enthusiastic students who subscribe for the walk along day who meet again in their first study-year. It is a good way to learn more about the study, but also your fellow students-to-be. There are also students who already know they are going to study Animal Sciences who come to this day, just to get a taste of the real Veetelers-atmosphere.

So if you consider studying Animal Sciences, sign up for the walk along day! Register on

Greetings from the meeloopdagcie,

Maarten Vandervennet (contactperson)
Maxime Landwier
Alyssa van der Linden
Chris ten Napel
Linsy Roest

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