Eleventh Lustrumcie

January the 13th is a very special day for study association “De Veetelers”: we are celebrating our 55th anniversary. “De Veetelers” were established 55 years earlier in 1962. To celebrate this special occasion, we are organising the Eleventh Lustrum, a three week event  in which many activities will take place. We have a very diverse program, which include a Symposium,  a Prom, a Company-day and to wind-up this celebration we have a big bang party. The Lustrum will be a very busy program in which many connexions can be introduced and new experiences can be gained.

This special event could not be possible (and we would not want it to be) without the members of study association “De Veetelers”. A Galacie, Lustrumboekcie, Symposiumcie, Sponsorcie, Reünistendagcie and Bedrijvendagcie will be introduced to help us organise these activities. If you prefer to get down and dirty, the Kluscie may  just be the right committee for you.

Are you excited about organising either of these activities and do you want to help us with the organisation of the Eleventh Lustrum, please let us know! You can reach us on the following e-mail address: veetelers.lustrumcie@wur.nl . Sent us an e-mail to let us know in which committee(s) you are interested, so we can find the perfect spot for you. Also you can address us personally, or you can approach Tom Bastiaansen,  Director of Internal Affairs of study association “De Veetelers”.

We are open minded about receiving ideas for either  the Lustrum committees or the overall Eleventh Lustrum.  Either come talk to us our sent an e-mail to the above mentioned e-mail address.

Kind Regards,
Eleventh Lustrumcie

Thijme Hijink
Jordi Lensink
Ruben Otten
Mendy van Toor
Christel Wirth
Karin de Zeeuw