Horse Breeding Club (PFC)

Sub-Association for horses
Members: 125 ±


Horse Breeding Club, PFC, is the horse-oriented sub-association of the Study association "the Veetelers". Although the name suggests that we mainly deal with breeding, at the PFC all aspects of the horse industry are being discussed.

Throughout the year we organize excursions to various horse shows, clinics and stud farms. In addition, a beginners class will be held annually and a lesson or clinic for advanced riders place will take place. Organizing interesting and fun activities, the PFC is of particular interest that there may be something to be learned. Therefore, we do our best to visit especially innovating companies and provide as much information as possible and give a look behind the scenes. In this way, our members will get even more practical experience in the horse industry. We also organize an annual informative themed symposium or discussion evening where a topic is discussed about the 'horse'. All this is made possible by the financial support we receive from our sponsors Pavo and Barefoot.

What can you expect this year? The annual beginners class and/or introduction class is on the schedule, also there will be a yet unknown educative excursion and besides that we will organize an excursion for experienced equistrians, a symposium and an buitex. 

If you want to expand your knowledge of the equine science besides studying in Wageningen, join the PFC!

Met hinnikende groet,
On behalf of the PFC,

Joëlle Benschop
Charlotte Franken (contactpersoon)

Amber Groenewoud 
Lianne Nijs 
Joanne Tijssen

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