Porculum, the sub-association for intensive livestock

Since 1992, students are brought in touch with the intensive livestock component of the agricultural sector by Porculum. Not only the main branches, like pig and poultry, but the less common, like veal-calves and minks, as well.  The versatility of the sector, combined with its changes, challenges and issues, give way to the possibilities of discussion and various perspectives for the interested student.

Contact with the sector is made by excursions, of which one is planned every period. These day-excursions do not only consist of visiting livestock farms, but of secondary companies as well. Examples of these companies are “Vencomatic”, “Agrifirm” and many more. Besides these day-excursions, we organize a “foreign excursion week”(buitex) and “internal excursion weekend”(binex) every year. During the “binex” and “buitex” the board organizes a programme in which various companies are visited.

Besides these educative activities, we offer some social activities as well. Two examples of this are the unlimited spare-rib eating evening and the VATS(Pig on a spit) evening, the latter in which we work together with another sub-association.

We hope to see you during our activities!


The Porculum board

Anouk Hagens              Contact person

Yvo Goselink                 Treasurer

Ida van de Ven              Secretary

Robin Walvoort

Margriet Faber


Email: veetelers.porculum@wur.nl





Vencomatic BV - www.vencomatic.com    PIC-NL - www.pic-nl.com   

Agrifirm Feed -  www.agrifirm.com    Wesfort Meetproducts –  www.westfort.nl

Boehringer Ingelheim - www.boehringer-ingelheim.nl