Carmen Noordijk

Hello everybody!

I am Carmen Noordijk, 23 years old and I am from Breda. Currently I am studying for my Master of Animal Sciences, in which I will focus on Animal Breeding and Genetics. My hobbies are taking ballroom and latin dance classes, horse riding and skiing during the winter. 

Before I was asked for the board, I was active in de activity commission, photo commission and the board of PFC. When Lars asked me to take over his function in the Board, I was suprised. I did not doubt for a long time, I had to take this chance. I will be an exciting year, were I hope to learn a lot and get a chance to develop myself. 

I am really looling forward to be the chairwoman of "De Veetelers". I am always in for a chat, or if you want to ask me something, do not hesitate.


Carmen Noordijk