Cold on the bike? No nice sunglasses to take to the beach? No useful folder for documents to save in? And do you really need a warm sweater? To all these questions is only one answer; the Promcom! The Promotion Committee consists of four people. They all think about what Veetelers need. We'll dress you, both literally and figuratively. Not just for a nice sweater, jacket or polo you are with the Promcom at the right place. Also for nice gifts to give away at excursions or to speakers you are at the right place with the Promcom.

The assortment of the Promcom consists of: -Veetelers sunglasses - Veetelers sweater (Edition 2016) - Veetelers red wine (including package possible) - Veetelers pull - Veetelers mug - Veetelers keychain - Veetelers document folder (including Notepad) - Veetelers wine set - Veetelers polo - Veetelers flipflops. Look under the heading Association in menu and then click on a photo and the Association ´Fanshop´ for prices. These articles can be purchased every Monday between 12:30h and 13.15h at the Veetelers room in the Forum, room 201.

Greetings, the Promcom

Xana Blaauw (Chairman)
Vivian van der Nat (Treasurer)
Zuleika Burghout
Judith Vollering