A study association like "De Veetelers" can’t go without a magazine which informs her members about the association and the corresponding sector. That’s why the monthly magazine ‘De Veeteler’ came into being in 1968. The first meeting of the month; the Redactie (editors) comes together. First they have dinner and after that there will be a discussion about ‘De Veeteler’. What went good with the previous ‘Veeteler’, but especially; what went wrong? These are important issues that will be discussed. Afterwards we will divide the tasks. This will be different every time, so that everyone will come in touch with every task and the work will stay fun and alternating. Then everyone can go to work. Also the organizers of activities and the committees must be noticed about the deadline, so that they too can hand in their writings on time. Then it’s time for the second meeting of the month. Everything will be finished. The pieces will be corrected on spelling and language. After that the lay-outing can begin and everything can be sent to the publisher. When the magazines are delivered, the Redactie comes together once more. This time in the canteen of the Zodiac during lunch break. All ‘Veetelers’ will be sorted and are ready to be posted. Then we’ll have to wait for critic, to begin the next month happily with a new and better ‘Veeteler’!

Michelle Bax
Ivy van Kemenade
Stefan ten Pierik
Naomi de Rijk
Ruben Otten (contact person)


Here you can also see the online version: