Study association "De Veetelers" is one of the few study associations with a well-organized educational committee. The name of this committee is ROK.

The ROK gathers weekly to talk about course evaluations  (PaCe) and other queries, suggestions or complaints of students and other education related topics.

Five members of the ROK are also members of the Educational Committee (OpCie) of the department of Animal Sciences. With deputies of all specializations of Animal Sciences, they gather on a monthly basis to discuss topics in the field of education. The opinion of the students reaches the teachers and the other way around.

Minutes of ROK-meetings are in Dutch, but members of the ROK are happy to inform you on recent developments if you are interested. The monthly column in 'De Veeteler' is also partly translated in English, so you can find the most important information on education in the magazine of study association "De Veetelers".

If you have any complaints or questions about subjects or education in general, please send us an e-mail at

The ROK has also developed a tutoring network for and organised by students. We have noticed that the university doesn’t give a lot of possibilities for extra help. So our question to you;

Are you somebody who could use some extra help or are you able to give other students extra help?
Please send an e-mail to
We will bring you in contact with each other.

Ida van de Ven  (Education Person I)
Tim van der Zee (Education Person II)
Joep van Zuijlen (Contact person)
Ivy van Kemenade
Jolien van Soest
David Wongso
Maarten Vandervennet
Kiki Kuiper