Hello everybody,

We are the Eleventh Lustrum Symposiumcommittee “Verreikend”(Reaching Far). It is our job to organize a interesting Symposium for the students and externals.  We consist of six enthousiastic people, each interested in a different kind of animal, which makes us a diverse group and a great team to organize the coming Symposium, which will take place on 28 March 2017.

A few weeks ago we announced the theme with a movie, which can be found at The theme is:


Innovation as Integration

How are animal welfare, environment and economics together enable to strengthen the livestock sector?


As everybody might know the three components, animal welfare, environment and economics can work against each other. Innovations might be able to combine these three aspects, instead of reinforcing one and reducing the other two.

On this day different speakers will tell their view on one of the three aspects or on innovation. At the end a hopefully interesting discussion will take place between speakers and the audience.


Kind Regards,

The Eleventh Lustrum Symposiumcie “Verreikend”

Xana Blaauw
Jordi Lensink
Stefan ten Pierik
Marieke Poppe
Mendy van Toor
Tim van der Zee