Farmergames and -party

Event date: 

woensdag, 30 mei, 2018 - 18:00

Dear Veetelers and Veetelerinnen,


Wednesday the 30th of May 2018 it is going to happen again, several men’s and woman’s teams from Heeren XVII, Semper Florens and “De Veetelers” will battle for the title “Strongest farmers team” at the Farmers games (Boerengames)!

At 6.00 pm we will start with a BBQ, followed by the Farmers games and finally a farmers party! All this will happen at W.S.R. Argo.

The costs to join the BBQ and party are max. € 15,- p.p (which will be charged using automatic collection).

The party will start at 11.00 pm and the doors are open until 01.00 am. Costs to only join the party are € 3,-.


Subscribing is binding!


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