TI Day Excursion i.c.w. Hendrix Genetics

Event date: 

dinsdag, 5 februari, 2019 - 07:00 tot 18:00

Dear international veetelers,

During the re-exam period Team International will organize a day excursion to some facilities of Hendrix Genetics.

The excursion will take place at Tuesday the 5th of February.

We will gather in front of Zodiac at 7.00 and drive together to the following destinations:
• The head office of Hendrix Genetics in Boxmeer
• The turkey hatchery in Heythuysen (probably during hatching!)
• A laying hen company in Ospel
• A turkey farm in Ijselstijn

Lunch is not included, so take some sandwiches (or something else) with you for on the road in between the places we are going to visit. Costs for the excursion only consists of travel costs, which are € 15,-.

If you want to join us you can subscribe by sending an email to veetelers.international@wur.nl, so we can put you on the participants list.
Subscribtion is binding and if you don't show up during the excursion you will still have to pay the costs.

We hope you are enthousiastic to join this excursion!

Kind regards,
Team International!