Vision Board

  • Maintaining the interest of students with an agricultural background or focus and bringing other students in contact with the agricultural sector.
  • Maintaining the balance between fun and educational activities in the recruitment folders for potential members to show the added value “De Veetelers” offers compared to a student association.
  • Facilitating studying members by reserving rooms for studying and offering coffee and tea.
  • Increasing the use of social media to reduce the usage of emails.
  • Increasing the approachability of the study association for freshmen by stressing that being a members of the study association comes without obligations, making a connection with the education and possibly setting up a freshmen commission.
  • Increasing number of freshmen joining (activities of) the study association and its sub associations by cooperating with the course ‘Introduction Animal Sciences’ (YAS-10306). This makes it possible for sub associations to organize an beginners excursion as part of a course.
  • Improving the rigro by:
  • Reducing the number of financial documents discussed during the rigro.
  • In cooperation with NZV-alumni, inviting PhDs or MSc-students to give a short presentation on their research after the rigro.


Statement 1: Decreasing of the numbers of emails is necessary.

Statement 2: Registrations for an activity can be opened by 09.00 hours the next day, when an activity mail is send before 18.00 hours.

Statement 3: A sponsor report will be presented in the rigro once in a while.

Statement 4: Committees and sub-associations suffer from the Extended Daytime Schedule.

Statement 5: Interest for Board positions should be aroused.