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Discuscie evening - Antibiotic Resistance

Discuscie evening - Antibiotic Resistance
wo, 2. december 2020, 19:00 h - 21:45 h
Discuscie evening - Antibiotic Resistance


** Corona-virus guidelines: ** 

During the evening, everyone has to maintain the corona-virus guidelines that the WUR created. The most important rules that have to be maintained are: 

  • Adhere to the hygiene and safety guidelines. So, during the evening always maintain at least 1.5 metres between yourself and others. 
  • Face mask is mandatory when inside and any time you move through the building. 
  • Access to the evening locations is prohibited if you show symptoms of the virus. 
  • During the evening you will stay on your own chair. If you want to ask something, you can raise your hand. You can only leave your chair if you have permission from one of the Discuscie members. 

Dear Veetelers, 

Our last evening of animal welfare in slaughterhouses was a great success. After this evening, a lot of things happened. With the current restrictions, we are able to organize a physical activity again! This evening will be aimed towards antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem, and it is expected to be the number 1 cause of human death by 2050. Since animal production chains have to act responsibly, it is the reason that we want to organize an evening on this subject. It is a topic which is always up for a nice discussion, so we hope to see you here. 

Wednesday 2nd of December we will be able to physically host 3 great guest speakers: 

  • Joost van den Borne, Manager R&D MS Schippers & Associate professor HAS University of Applied Sciences. Mr. Van den Borne did his MSc Animal Sciences and his PhD at Wageningen University. In his career, he also worked as an assistant professor at Wageningen University and as senior Scientist at FrieslandCampina. In his current role, he will provide insights in hygiene and biosecurity aspects of this topic. 


  • Leo den Hartog, Director R&D and Quality affairs at Nutreco. In addition, he is a part- time professor in Animal Nutrition in Circular Economy at Wageningen University. Den Hartog’s extensive experience in animal production is reflected in over 450 scientific and applied articles and seven books as author or co-author. During our discussion evening he will elaborate on this topic from an animal nutrition perspective.  


  • Rinse Jan Boersma, Global Marketing Director Dairy Cattle at Bayer Animal Health. Within Mr. Boersma’s international career, he has held numerous positions within global animal health companies as a strategic marketeer. Rinse grew up with a dairy background and has pursued his interest in both his education and work. He received a master’s degree on Animal Nutrition from Wageningen University (NL). On our evening Rinse will elaborate on antibiotics from a veterinary perspective. 

The program will look as follows:  

  • 19:00: Walk-in 
  • 19:15: Start of the evening  
    • 19:15 – 19:55 Leo den Hartog 
    • 19:55 – 20:20 Rinse Jan Boersma 
    • 20:20 – 20:45 Joost van den Borne 
    • 20:45 – 20:55 Break  
    • 20:55 – 21:25 Panel Discussion  
  • 21:30 – 21:45: End time  

Because of corona, we are required to only allow about 22 registrations for this evening in the physical classroom. So, if you want to be there in the real classroom, be fast to subscribe ?. If you are subscribing for the physical classroom, we would appreciate it if you actively participate during the evening by for instance taking part in the discussion. This would make the evening more interactive! If you, due to circumstances, can not join the evening in the physical classroom, please let us know. There will be a spare list.   

If all places for the physical classroom are booked or you prefer to follow it online, you can also subscribe yourself for the virtual classroom. During the evening there will be a moderator that communicates between the virtual environment and the real classroom. So, if you any questions during the evening, do not hesitate to ask them! 

You can subscribe yourself for the psychical classroom as well as the virtual classroom through this link: 


Please fill in the sheet by providing your if you want to attend physical or online, your full name and any additional information. And stay home if you encounter having any symptoms! 

You are welcome from 19:00, at 19:15 we will officially start off the Discuscie evening!
We are not allowed to serve any drinks or food. You are allowed to bring your own drinks and food. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed.

Location: MS Teams/Bongo and Forum - Room B0658 

The people in the physical classroom will be waited and guided to the room. 

We hope to see you all soon on Wednesday 2nd of December! 


Met vriendelijke groet, and lots of kind regards :)  

De Discuscie
Laurens Rutten - Voorzitter (+32 475 81 49 25)
Stan Hendriks - Secretaris
Pieter Fleerakkers - Penningmeester
Willeke Weewer - Algemeen Lid
Roos Laffeber - Algemeen Lid
Michael Yousef - Algemeen Lid
Jasper Van der Veek - Algemeen Lid

P.S. Under current restrictions we are able to organize the evening, but if the restrictions will be stricter, we will be reconsidering the evening and the possibility to completely organize the evening online.