The AlmanakCie is the committee that makes the Almanac for the Study association "De Veetelers".  Every year, a new group of enthusiastic students works on this book, in which all memories of the past year are captured!  You can think of committees, sub-associations, chair groups, news articles and even friendgroups and studenthouses. These memories can all be read back later for future generations. Over the past few months, we have formed, gotten to know each other and became a team. The first big decisions have already been made and we are very busy with brainstorming new and exciting things to add to our almanac! We hope that this year the almanac will once again bring smiles to everyone’s faces!

Although the theme and title of our almanac is still a secret ;), the name of our committee is “Let’s Reset”. With this name we want to show that we want to turn back the clock and give the spotlight back to the sector our study mainly focuses on: the production animals. With all the developments and discussions surrounding the aqua- and agricultural sector the past year, we feel like it is time to give them some time to shine!

We hope to see you all at our Almanac ceremony in November!


41st Zootechnical Almanac Committee 

Brianne Siegerink (Head Statistics)

Britt van de Vall (Chair)

Daan de Kort (Head Sponsor)

Emma-Sophie van Persie (Creative Director)

Fleur Gorissen (Head Ceremony)

Kim Wijnbergen (Treasurer)

Nienke Buist (Secretary)

Sanne Konijn (Head Layout)