Hi everybody,

As students, we have to deal with lectures, practicals and self-study here in Wageningen almost every day. To also give our parents a small insight into what our study entails, the Ouderdagcie organizes the parents' day every year! This is a fun and educational day in which you will have the opportunity to take your parents or caretakers to the university for a day.

During the parents' day, several lecturers will be present, who will give presentations on subjects that we animal scientists learn all about during our studies. Various interesting practicals will also be organized.

Finally, there will be a cake baking competition again this year, in which you as a student and your parent can participate. Bake a nice cake and take it to the parent's day. The master bakers with the tastiest or most beautiful cake win a nice prize. The day will of course be closed in a classic way with a nice drink! We hope to see you all on Saturday, April 29!


De Ouderdagcie 2023 "BIGinning to look like SOWmething of an Animal Scientist"

Antje Waal

Jenny Born

Lisa Klaver

Ties te Braake

Teun Hofman