The Discuscie

The Discuscie is a passionate committee that organizes great Discussion Evenings five times a year, entirely in English. We regularly cooperate with sub-associations, other studies or the NZV. The topics of these evenings vary widely, but have one thing in common: it has everything to do with our study Animal Sciences.

We as a committee arrange three to four speakers for the evening from different corners of the sector who know a lot about the subject in question, but each one of them knows how to highlight a different side of the story. After the speakers have spoken, there is a discussion between the speakers, but there is a lot of interaction with the room. The chairman of the day, who steers the whole evening in the right direction, will also ensure that this discussion runs smoothly. Afterwards there will be a small drink. Here you can continue to discuss to your heart's content while enjoying a beer.

Do you want to expand your knowledge about current topics within ‘’veetelersland’’ and/or enter into a discussion with fellow students, alumni and the speakers? Keep an eye on your email for the invitations and be welcome at our next discussion evening!

Would you like to organize such an evening together with us where you will approach many people in the sector and thus expand your network in a fun way? Do not hesitate to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!!

Wendy Scholten - Chair
Annemarie Hoving - Vice Chair
Kirsten Versteeg - Secretary
Laura Berbee - Treasurer
Odylia van Rechteren - PR-manager
Annefleur Bos - General Member