Schapen en Geiten Studieclub

Sub-association for sheep and goats and other small ruminants

Number of members: ±90

Hello Veetelers, Veetelerinnen and other interested parties,

The Sheep and Goat Study Club (SGSC) is, as the name suggests, interested in sheep and goats. We are also interested in other small ruminants. Like other sub-associations at study association "De Veetelers", the SGSC organizes fun and educational excursions.

Our goal is to introduce students to the sheep and goat sector, which is relatively unknown. We do this by organizing various excursions at home and abroad. You can think of a lambing course, sheep shearing or an excursion to a feed producer. We also visited an alpaca breeder, an economically much smaller branch. Our Lustrum is planned in the 2021-2022 academic year and we organize a fun activity every period. 

If you want to broaden your horizons and learn new things, or just cuddle lambs, join the SGSC on a field trip and become a member!

With bleating and bleating regards,

The SGSC board,

Neil Tirchett (Chairman)

Fenna van Heijst (secretary)

Sharon Henneky (treasurer)

Manon Greve (general board member)